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A force, entity, presence, being or perhaps something beyond our finite minds which is either blindly believed in or totally rejected by those incapable of thinking or questioning for themselves outside of some form of paradigmatic structure- I.E. Science and Religion.

Most hominids show themselves incapable of such an intellectual endeavor, incapable of, too apathetic or narrow minded to engage in exploring such a question without getting caught up in one form or another of human born ideology, or preconceived notions of the nature of "God" found in the various human written religious texts regarding such things.
I'm a buffoon incapable of complex thought and questioning for myself outside of information put out by minds of thousands of years ago. Also, God is merely a matter of religion and faith, and is some man in the clouds dictating human morals spawned by humans and inducing guilt for consciousness control even though that is something created by a human made church as well and has nothing to do with the nature of God and merely reflects human corruption. For some reason I can't see through all this and ask bigger and deeper questions, so, I really shouldn't be saying anything at all.
by 'Ol Lu Suffer December 23, 2010

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