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1 definition by 'Dwerd Jackson

As noun - Defunct department store known for its impecible corduroy pants and zip binders, appealing for even the most fastidious grammer scholar. It was erroneous.

As verb - 1.To go bankrupt, or go be subject to long and arduous process of obtaining a certz mintz. (In the sense of bankrupcy, its usage likes that of "chapter elevened."

2. The precocious development of a progamete into one or many spermatoza. The resulting spermatoza thinks he is hot shit and is thus more commonly dubbed "James 'The Bruise-ter' Brewster," the more scientific epithet being Jay "The Thioester" Brewster.
"Aren't you cold James Brewster?"
"Nah man fuck that, all I need is my cigarette and my vest."
"Lil' Binski keeps goin n gitting her nails did n' dun had to jamesway after his wife left him in search of certz mintz. Por eso, ha jameswido tambien.
by 'Dwerd Jackson February 25, 2007