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Another name for Crack (Rock) Cocaine.
Dogg Pound and Mack 10 Collabo - "Nuthin' But A CAVI Hit"

Cavi (Crack) is one of the most potent and addictive drugs around. All it takes is 1 "hit" of "Cavi" from a "smoke pipe" to get stuck on that shit. Smoking "Cavi" will get a person blowed out of their mind (whether its done from
a "smoke pipe" or twisted in a "P-Dog" bka "Primo" (a blunt or joint that is laced with crushed up cavi). But, the high from the "smoke pipe" isnt long lasting so fiends stay on the grind fiending for their next high. As soon as they scrape together enough ends to get a rock (all u need is $5 to start) they run to the dope man for more. So when people say "thats cavi", "its nothin' but a Cavi hit", etc in so many words they are saying "thats dope" (dope - slang for drugs or something that is impressive), its somethiing that is "mind blowing" or something will have you "coming back for more" (ie a "dope" track that has you hitting repeat again and again - just like a fiend hitting up a dope spot again and again).

by ' S - I - N ' August 20, 2006

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