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The Golden Kernel is the fine tabooed art where you pluck corn from your poo chunks with a toothpick and stick those golden pieces of eight between your teeth thus producing "The Golden Kernel".

This is commonly practiced by individuals who wish to own a sparkly set of grillz but can't afford the hefty prices that jewelers charge.
" Dude I needed a set of grillz for that Gangsta dress up party but Tiffanys were charging an ass load so I'm happily wearing The Golden Kernel instead. "
by 外人 Gaijin August 24, 2009
A 'shizzle brown deluxe' is the term given when you jam your thumb in her blowhole and sniff it, then place the brown of her poo into her vagina.
Dude, last night when I was with that drunk chic I gave her a shizzle brown deluxe. It was soo funny!
by 外人 Gaijin July 22, 2009

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