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2 definitions by ♥xXx♥lavinia♥xXx♥

gorhsip is like gore music like metal so basically its metal for God CHRISTians listen to it... i personally love it... its metal w/a twist thats not so dark but in the same way... so you can listen to itw/o bein all depresed or w/e just another type of music
gorship music includes teh devil wears prada. as cities burn. august burns red. with blood comes cleansing. impending doom. as i lay dying. sleeping giant. bloodlined calligraphy. underoath.
by ♥xXx♥lavinia♥xXx♥ January 25, 2009
skinny jeans are jeans that are like reg at the top and start to get tinier and skinnier towards the bottom... in my opinion they are reall cute but on the right person i personally wouldnt wear it myself... it only looks good on peopl who wear them because they like them not because they are aloser and follow wherever the paradigm goes they are like followers if you wear them and make them your own they are really cute... but i stick w/regular jeans OH and they look really good w/chucks, flats, and heals last two for like the average person thats more preppy but yeah..
kid:i dont wears skinnies skinny jeans
kid:followers where them
other:callin me a foller
kid:no not you that other kid right there
by ♥xXx♥lavinia♥xXx♥ January 25, 2009