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One of the most boring towns on Long Island. Filled with douchebags and sluts. In Wantagh High School there's an annoying population of assholes that think they're bigger than they really are and ultimately will end up working at mcdonalds after they graduate. Then there are the select few who actually don't give a fuck and want to just get out of this shitty town. Good for you. The town is basically 99% white. It's pretty bad considering you can count the people that aren't white on one hand. There are countless douches that think they're ghetto, when in reality couldn't be more of the opposite.

The social totem-pole is pretty simple here..
Seniors>Juniors>Sophomores>Staff>Custodians>The trees outside>Dirt>Security Guards>Freshman...

Yeah that seems about right... But yeah, The security guards here are really fucking annoying. They think they're cops, when in reality they're biggest concern is if you're cutting class or going to take a shit. It's pretty sad.

Most the teachers here are assholes, although some can be really nice. Mr. H our dean comes off as the biggest asshole but he's actually not that bad of a guy if you've ever actually been called down to 104.

The only time stuff gets exciting is when a girl has a pregnancy scare or when tools decide to steal a highchair from wendy's. Yeah. Life's pretty sad here.
-"Oh hey you know the black kid in our school?"

-"Yeah, what about him?"

*Wantagh: Gateway to Jones Beach*
*never goes to beach*
by ∆ø˙˜ August 19, 2012

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