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One who is "99 and 44 one hundredths percent sure" that there is no god. Sometimes referred to as an Ivory Agnostic.
He is not a true believer that there is no god, but, as an ivory atheist, he sees absolutely no evidence of a supreme being.
by ô¿ô February 11, 2011
One who is caught unawares by a surprising fact, event, or idea. A person invented by John Hartford in his song of the same name.
He was such a Hooter Thunket, he never believed Barack Obama could be president of the United States.
by ô¿ô February 11, 2011
Cheap Plastic Shit - The staple of the Ad Specialty business, e.g. bottle caps, pens, plate scrapers, letter openers, rulers, etc. Not always made of plastic.
What CPS do you sell that we can put our name on to give to our customers?
by ô¿ô December 06, 2009
Policeman in Cockney rhyming slang. i.e. Bottle (& stopper) = copper = policeman.
Scappa, there's a bottle.
by ô¿ô September 29, 2010
n. Army slang for a black soldier because of his purported use of "mother fuckin'" before most nouns in a sentence.
Sergeant, get those moafs off their bunks and police around the baracks.
by ô¿ô August 06, 2006
An orange. Originally referring to oranges from Israel. London slang.
For breakfast I have a jaffa and a cuppa.
by ô¿ô February 21, 2007

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