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To infuse with emotion either good or bad.
To invibe her with a positive groove they danced around until she couldn't help but feel their good intentions wash over her.
by çinaptic September 09, 2011
a bad joke told with the intention of producing a groan in response.
The comedian dropped groanades until they booed him off the stage.
by çinaptic September 07, 2011
drunk joke; humorous statements or saying delivered while intoxicated that would only seem funny to other intoxicated people.
Clara would jroke and everyone kept laughing, even when she would repeat the same off colour comment again and again.
by çinaptic September 20, 2011
To remove a man's penis by biting it off.
As punishment for cheating, she licked her lips and proceeded to emasculasticate him.
by çinaptic July 04, 2011

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