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Slang term meaning "American"
Originates from Korea.
"That is many tanks yes?"
by ß February 15, 2005
A Vuvuzela. It's an annoying trumpet-like instrument primarily used by niggers in stadiums to annoy people.
I was enjoying the world cup on TV but I had to mute the sound because of all the niggers and their niggerhorns.
#vuvuzela #nigger #instrument #horn #trumpet
by ß June 16, 2010
Female breasts that are large/comfortable enough to comfortably rest your hands on.
Want to rest your hands on my hand pillows?
#boobs #breasts #tits #jugs #pillows
by ß July 14, 2011
Like a blowjob but you wear a batman mask. And when you cum you say "... Justice."
my parents are dead so my significant other gave me a batjob. I'm Batman.
#blowjob #batman #justice #batpenis #batcock
by ß July 13, 2012
The sound an erect penis makes when kicked. (Also those little metal doorstop things make this sound.)
I was lying on my back and she stood up, went to step over me and kicked my still-erect penis. I swear to god it actually went PWYONGONGONGONG
#penis #erect #sound #kick #step
by ß April 27, 2012
Pot Waffle.
Nothing like a poffle in the morning
by ß June 18, 2004
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