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a very condescending, swift back-handed strick to the temple using one's middle and index fingers. this strike is only to be used in retaliation to isolence or in response to some loser trying to act clever. additionally it should never be used as a threat, like pulling back your fist to threaten a punch... it must be quick, methodical, unexpected, and impulsive.
Chris was being a douche so i gave him a two finger surprise.

...that sounds dirty...
by Ümbra May 26, 2004
"Fuck Word Trade"

For your listening pleasure...
Fuck World Trade!

Scabies and metalheads
born in the gutter
and chained to the radiator of a squat basement for 16 years
we are proud to announce a triumphant return
the thunderous cacophony
the crack rock steady beat!
The skewed development policies kill people everyday and they keep us so hypnotized that even though its right infront of our eyes we dont see it, World trade is a death machine...
by Ümbra September 10, 2004
The term for the sort of low quality smoking device one is sometimes forced to make when one wants to smoke but has no pipe. ghetto blasters are often made from plastic bottles and tin foil, as well as a whole host of other random materials (a snorkel and an avocado, for instance)

entomologically, it's origin comes from the term for a low quality stereo... it is used by white kids in an effort to sound cooler by using terms that make them sound like they are from the streets.
1. "ghetto blaster" is a very stupid term that i hate, but everyone in my town insists on using it

2. aw maaan... you didn't bring a pipe?! guess we're gonna have to make a ghetto blaster.
by Ümbra August 14, 2004
1. Marijuana

2. Endocet - a pill similar to Percocet

3. A bike trick as defined below
1. -

2. eddie took 6 endos and was freaking out.

3. -
by Ümbra January 11, 2005
the totally scene hairstyle sported by celebrities and metros alike... created by Paris fasion genius Alfalfa of "The Little Rascles", this hairstyle is achieved by combing all one's hair to the center so one my give the appearance of a mohawkwithout the socially unacceptable shaving of the head...
"OMGZ!!!111 dId u C codyz FauXhAwK?!11eleven1 like lozzies... S0000 hAwtt!!11" is something a man with a fauxhawk might say
by Ümbra September 07, 2004
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