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Chapulling is a neologism derived from the 2013 protests in Turkey after Prime Minister Erdogan's speech. He used the word "çapulcu" (normally means "looter", "marauder") to describe the demonstrators and then the social sites adapted this word to English with a new meaning: fighting for one's rights.

Chapul (verb): (/ˈtʃapu(ə)ːl/ regular, -ed): To resist force, demand justice, seek one's rights.
Chapuller (noun): (/ˈtʃapu(ə)ːlə/): A person who resists force, demands justice and seeks his/her rights.
Chapulation (noun) : (/ˈtʃapu(ə)ʃənː/): The act of resisting force, demanding justice and seeking one's rights.
-Everyday I'm chapulling.

-I'm neither rightist or leftist, I am a chapuller.
by Özlem The Chapuller June 05, 2013

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