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3 definitions by Ðj wåñnâbë

A way to describe a really really fugly person.
He needs to take his hurt ass piece the fuck up outta my kool-aid.
by Ðj wåñnâbë December 28, 2004
When people in chat rooms take things too seriously and get their feelings hurt.
chatter1: What happened to the room? Why are so many ppl gone?
chatter2: Well, rob told them they were ugly so the caught cheelings and logged out.

chatter1: GEY!
by Ðj wåñnâbë March 15, 2010
A way to describe an extremely ugly person. An ugly face.
When I looked at that guys profile, I was like 'DAMN HE GOT A HURT PIECE'!!!
by Ðj wåñnâbë December 28, 2004