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1) Feminine breasts present on a male's body; the progeny of steroid use, over-eating, or horomonal disorder.

2) A derogatory nickname for a bitchy, silly, annoying person of objectionable moral fiber. Can be used affectionately, or seriously, normally in a command statement in the latter case.
-> "John does tons of 'roids, and has a strange testosterone deficiency, and thus has a set of knockers that merit the wearing of a C-cup sports bra at all times. Man, does he have some bitchtits!"

-> (Dialogue employed for illustratory purpose)
Ando - "Yo bitchtits go get me a coors light!!!"
bitchtits - "I don't want to!! Wahhh!! Did you know I'm a pro paintballer?"
Ando - "You're a bitchtits! Your pathetic nature rules out the possiblility of your posessing any athletic prowess, ever!! Go get me mah fuckin beer!"
bitchtits - "Yes master"
A caveypuss is one who avoids social activities, instead favoring retreating to their cave-like room to drink expensive beer alone, play RPG games on high end computers, eat munchies, and generally be moody and reclusive.

The plural of caveypuss is caviepi, and it has been observed that caviepi generally enjoy hoppy ales and salty, crunchy snacks.

Caviepi are not necessarily reclusive gaming-nerd types by nature, but occasionally fall prey to the desire to sit around in the dark, killing Draugs and unraveling the mysteries of Temerian politics in a drunken daze.
Bitchtits - "Yo let's go drink expensive beer together and attack my pusillanimous room-mate with knives! It'll be a blast!"
Caveypuss - "I'm not sure...I think I'm just going to go play wizard instead. I got all this chex mix and Red Seal Ale...see..and..."
Bitchtits - "Why are you being such a caveypuss? I bet you have a high end gaming computer, too, you caveypuss you!"
Caveypuss - "...."

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