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gd is another way of saying god damn
gd shortened way of saying god damn
by ¿tsunami! May 28, 2007
short for singingfish.com, a once glorious internet search engine used to find free full length and/or 30 music/video downloads. Launched in 2000, it was one of the earliest and longest lived search engines dedicated to multimedia content. It was bought by AOL in 2003, and know if you type in singingfish.com it just goes to AOL music or something else BS. im really sry for all you that never got to experience the glory of singingfish.com
Person A:i really need to get darude-sandstorm for the rave this weekend
Person B: singingfish that
Person C: that shit got shut down by gd AOL
by ¿tsunami! May 28, 2007
read the fucking manual fucking noob. an extension of ftfm.
Counter strike nub: how do i buy
1337 gamer: rtfmfn
by ¿tsunami! May 28, 2007

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