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Term used to describe one with seagull-like tendencies.

You can count on them to swoop in at pretty much anytime of the day and dig into what ever they can get their beaks on. Super greasy fellows. Often found lurking around public places looking for an opportunity to indulge in someone elses leftovers.
"Yo dude what happened to those hotdogs that I was about to cook up, they were in the pot two seconds ago?"

"...ummm I ate them I thought they were good to go"

"Man those were mine and how you gonna eat raw dogs, you've been acting like a Nelg lately... real musky"
by ¶ ╝◙∩Σ§ February 10, 2010
Often used to describe someone who is a "god" or "holy figure" in their place of residence. The one Supreme Being... the ruler of the universe. A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by all.

Sir Geoff Cochrane of Nova Scotia Canada was known to be the original Pean, a supernatural god born in 1989 and lived forever.
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is a “Pean” in the minds of football fans after earning the MVP award in his teams 31-17 Superbowl victory over the Indianaplois Colts.
by ¶ ╝◙∩Σ§ February 09, 2010

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