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Pronounced; Hush-ka-dee.
1. Be quite
2. Offensive term, synonymous with shut up
3. To express discontent, or anger in the language of others
5. A response to a grunt or unintellegent noise made by another person
6. Ugly, or displeasing to the eye
Note: Often used in conjunction with Chingatee
1. Boy-"I was so drunk last night, Gosh I have a headache."
Girl- "Oh really? That suprises me." (scarcastic)
Boy- "Hushkadee, you're italian. You know how it is after you drink your case of wine"

2. Girl- "HUSHKADEE! I need you to pipe down!"
Boy- "Okay, I got it."

3. Girl- "That teacher has so many chins they make noise when she talks. It's like just hushkadee the **** up."

4. Boy- "Hassssssssssssssssssssk!"
Boy2- "Hushkadee!!!!!"

5. Boy- "That girls face was just screaming hushkadee to my eyes"
by §ir Ku§ August 17, 2006

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