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Treating your lady to having 3 various bodily parts (usually dick, tongue, and fingers/hand?) inserted inside of her during sex into 3 different orifices at the same time.
mmm I Three Hole Punched my lady friend last night. ;) ya know... your sister.
by §eth October 12, 2004
Getting one's Pretty huge Dick worked on by a female.
Man, your sister exercised my Ph.D. last night.
by §eth October 12, 2004
To dominate
To be anally abused

such as Columbus caused the Native Americans to be "Columbused" by what became American society
Wow...you got Columbused HARD!
by §eth October 12, 2004
A measure of wetness such that even Jesus Christ would not be able to walk across the wetness.
Example Michael's sister's panties are Jesus wet!
by §eth October 13, 2004
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