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'FCKA' means Fried Chicken and Koolaid. It's a term used for substituting responses to private questions. It's also a term used for an extraordinary party relating to Fried Chicken and Koolaid FCKA.
Jansen: Hey, what's your Mom's cell phone number?



Me: Hey, wanna go to my FCKA later?

Fred: Yea, sure thing! Is your girlfriend gonna be there?

by §amurai April 25, 2009
A response to a well-pondered question that the responder thinks is a philosophical response when really is completely useless.
Jack: Hey Jill, when should I ask her out on a date?

Jill: At the right time.

Jack: When the hell is that. . .?
by §amurai April 23, 2010
A sweet friend.
Billy: Gloria is such a strawbuddy.
by §amurai April 25, 2010

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