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5 definitions by £óZzißåbË

to dance, hookup & get hot with randoms, then ditch them at clubs
tonight i'm gonna do a Prendy
by £óZzißåbË August 08, 2005
to hug somebody in a cute, close way
i really need a huggle!!
by £óZzißåbË August 08, 2005
To hookup with randoms @ a party..named after a guy called Prendy who a guy well known for this!!
Tonight im gonna do a prendy
by £óZzißåbË August 01, 2005
a girly word for cute!
omg thats soo k00tz!
by £óZzißåbË August 08, 2005
To mean something is awesomely cool
Thats so hinky = thats so cool
by £óZzißåbË July 13, 2005