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Ic.Nig. Generally used as Canadian Ice Nigger.

Canadian Ice Nigger:
A Canadian Ice Nigger is often know as a canadian with african decent.
To be called a Canadian Ice Nigger, you must enjoy cold areas in Northern Canada. Ice niggers tend to be greedy basterds, that cheat steal and lie.

You know you have seen a Canadian Ice Nigger when:
A You see a African man in Northern Canada.
+ Greedy
+ Cheap
+ Shard Teeth for biting their way out of handcuffs.
+ Not Sensitive.

B If you see a Northern Canadian With African decent steeling your cloths, it's an Canadian Ice Nigger.

C When you see three "Gangsters" wearing a toque and try to call it ">G.".
That Damn Canadian Ice Nigger Stole My Food!

Too Many Canadian Ice Niggers In This City.

Justin Is A Canadian Ice Nigger.
by |TNO| Mr. Anderson July 28, 2006

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