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A word used in place of accepted or just regular yes but with an apostrophe d. How is that not cool? Often used to say that someone agrees with the OPs suggestion.
OP: I vote that we all receive $50,000,000 in-game.

1st: yes'd
2nd: yes'd
3rd: no'd
4th: ^Loser. yes'd
by |DG| Cheese November 12, 2009
The better way of saying politics.
That dude is so Polititianing...
by |DG| Cheese November 16, 2009
You know when you're driving at night and suddenly a small bird shoots through your headlights while it's wings are against its chest? Ya, that's a bird missile. Another case is when your curtains are closed and its bright out and suddenly you see a quick flash of something wizzing by the window. That's another case where the bird missile strikes again. Some say the Bird Missiles are secret being that if caught we can harvest their energy and use it to take over the world.
Friend2: What?
Friend1: That thing that just fucking shot in front of us!!
Friend2: Oh its just a bird missile. Leave it be.
by |DG| Cheese November 13, 2009
A title for someone that is so conformed and devoted to trolling that someone or everyone that is not their enemy has actually given them the license to troll because they are so good they'll tear you a new one without even having to exert oneself. See vitoism
Coolkid2341 Enters the chat.

Coolkid2341: can sum1 tel me how 2 kil dis guy???? help plz

Generic-name: Stop displaying your abilities to dodge coat hangers and remove yourself from my chat, you cunt-face little noob.

Coolkid2341 Leaves the chat.

Chatregular: Dude you are totally Licensed To Troll.
by |DG| Cheese November 11, 2009

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