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The best and worst of life, conveniently sliced and packaged in the form of books, television, theater or cinema for your viewing pleasure.
Things that are "slice of life" are generally emotion provoking, insightful, moving, but also realistic.
I saw this movie, it was very slice of life, I was thinking about it for weeks after seeing it.
by |AoC| JyL November 27, 2005
Taking sunday afternoon to the next level.
This refers to the true procrastinators who leave their homework and assignments till monday morning before school.
This takes extreme discipline and speed as it is hard to get up early on a monday, and have the focus to get some work done in that limited time span.
dude, I had to pull a monday morning to get this paper done, I spent the weekend trolling forums and playing games.
by |AoC| JyL November 20, 2005
A popular Japanese name for girls, means "doubly beautiful".

Along with the name "Sakura", Hitomi is one of the most used names for girls in Japanese animes/mangas/video games.

Some notable Hitomis in tags above.
Hitomi is the name of the main character from Escaflowne.
by |AoC| JyL October 30, 2005
One bad motha-shut yo mouth!
JyL is cool, he went back in time and beat up Kublai Khan, because JyL doesn't take shit from anybody.
by |AoC| JyL November 16, 2005
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