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The act of using one's index finger and thumb like tweezers to lift another person's nipples and then drop them. This is more painful than you would think, because of the incredible pinching strength of some people.
Guy 1- Tweezer jib!
Guy 2- Noooooo!!!
Guy 1- Ooh blood!
by |2and0mNPC June 20, 2011
To thrust your hands at one's breasts in a claw shape and squeeze them with the tips of your fingers. Sometimes mistaken for the hook around jib.
Ted- Hey Nate!
*Nate turns around*
Ted- Eagle jib!!
Nate- Wha- ahhhhhhhh!
by |2and0mNPC June 20, 2011
The act of reaching around someone's body from behind them, and then preforming an Eagle Jib.
Guy 1- Shhhhh....
Guy 2- *Nods head*
Guy 3- Holy shit!!!!!
Teacher- ____ go outside!
Guy 2- Nice hook around jib!
Guy 1- Yeah, I know right!
by |2and0mNPC June 20, 2011
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