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2 definitions by |< /-\ /\/ 3 P |-| /\ /\/

1. A social board on Gamefaqs that has been acknowledged more than once for having a more mature community than other system social boards (especially GCSB)

2. A social board on Gamefaqs in which you will actually see topics about news, politics, and other such mature topics, combined with some weird silly shit now and then.

3. T3h 1337 #0m314N|)
XBSB is way better, funnier, and more mature than the other social boards. It has cooler people, and copious amounts of badassery.
by |< /-\ /\/ 3 P |-| /\ /\/ October 01, 2004
A word posted on UrbanDictionary with the definition "Can mean whatever you want it to mean"

Shirk can mean whatever you want it to mean. It works in any situation. I'm a shirking dipshit.
by |< /-\ /\/ 3 P |-| /\ /\/ November 01, 2004