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1. Name for the Rutger's Womens basketball team according to Don Imus.
2. A phrase that will get you suspended for two weeks, then fired from yoir job.
Don Imus: "Thats some Nappy-headed ho's there, im going to tell you that."
Rutger's: "Were going to get you fired."
by ]ulio April 14, 2007
not related to playing an actual instrument, the crimson violin refers to cutting your own wrists. the violin is the sawing motion one makes (across the street not down it!) and the crimson is the blood shed. makes it alot easier and more casual to ask if said person is a cutter.
"Laura is wearing long sleeve shirts lately and its july."
"does she play the crimson violin?"
"haha maybe! i wouldnt be surprised."
"wow that was very casual and easier than asking if she rips her wrists apart."
"your right. i love UD"
by ]ulio September 01, 2007
1. give me that (object you are looking or gesturing that)
2. a one word sentence that says "please pass me that object right there."
you say "opta" to your friend holding the soda. he then passes you the soda.
you say "opta" to your friend next to the pizza. he passes you a slice.
you say "opta" to a woman passing by. your friend then says "yah you wish".
by ]ulio April 14, 2007

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