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2 definitions by [natalie sthoup]

{NA-ta-lee sth-OO-pah}

(natalie soup with a lisp, don't bust a vessel trying to say it ;D)

a person or possibly thing who is totally random and will joke about pretty much anything possible.

In some cases this person or thing may never stop talking, not even in there sleep.

Aproach with caution.

there is a natalie sthoup in everybody! (figuratively speaking)
Girl: ..and i was like screaming my lungs out! It was weird coz I never knew the persons name..

Popular Girl (eavesdropping): Omgsh, that freak is so natalie sthoup, can't she shut up!

Girl: ..Wow that talk totally egg-husted me. I feel like an orange.
by [natalie sthoup] July 26, 2010
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1. U.Fail.C-Word.

2. Ultimate.Fail.Club.

3. A possible typo of KFC

Girl 1: Are those guys fighting again!
Girl 2: Yeah, they're attempting to play UFC...
Girl 1: Oh I see what you mean.

#2.. (online)
Girl 1: Hey let's meet at UFC!
Girl 2: Uh, okay..
Girl 1: Oh sht, I mean KFC.
by [natalie sthoup] July 26, 2010
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