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sperm secreated on the ring of a drunken male by another drunken male
he has pap on his ring peice
by [maved] February 04, 2004
to thinking about getting maved, to play along with everyone else also see 'maved'
shall we mave
by [maved] February 04, 2004
fucked continuosly by sevral people for along time
paped until ur overflowing
by [maved] February 04, 2004
Someone who has just been 'maved' and is dripping from the 'pap' The after effects of being maved.
Also see sobering up.
john - god he is maven
tracy- paps drippin out his ass
john- wait till he's sober he will regret it
tracy- shall we help him?
john- no he might mave us too
by [maved] February 04, 2004

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