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3 definitions by [eXo5]

A girl who will bang anyone or anything as long as its hard. She will do anything including humiliating herself to get it.
Dude 1: your mom is such a bone slut!
Dude 2: WTF?! How?
Dude 1: She begged me to nail her after she seen my fly down!
Dude 2: OMG...I had no idea...
Dude 1: Thats just the way it is...
Dude 2: Cries
by [eXo5] October 16, 2006
Outragously Hostile. A combonation of the word. Often used in my home country of Kazjickaztan.
Mr. abdul became hostagous after seeing fluffy peeing all over his flower bed!! LOLZ it was sooo funny!
by [eXo5] April 27, 2007
Another name for thong, the piece that goes between the legs covering the snatch
I love it when a girl wears a see through snatch strap!
by [eXo5] April 27, 2007