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The practice of using a .44 Magnum in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to act as if one has the touch of Clint Eastwood. Enemies often become disoriented and confused after having been clinted, as they are shocked that the .44 Magnum has the ability to beat their bolt action nurse.

Much of the custom Clinting class maybe changed to a player's liking. A common Clinting class also includes a riot shield. It is highly recommended to use Stopping Power and FMJ on the .44 Magnum for added Eastwoodness. Sleight of Hand is personally recommended since Clint Eastwood can reload at those speeds in real life.

Popularized by the groups USSR and Jiz usually in a combination of efforts, although as noticed, this has been raising in Modern Warfare popularity over time.

Also referred to as Clint Eastwooding, or Eastwooding.

It is also a well known fact among many Clinters that 9 year olds can not Clint very well at all, nor can they defend against the Clint, so Clinters must often be prepared to hear a barrage of how noob they are said through an overwhelmingly high voice at the end of the particular round or match.
Matt: Eastwoodness is next to godliness.

Matt: These kids are getting Clinted so hard they don't know what to do with themselves.

Ballin: We got this, choister is a master of the art of Clinting.

choister: Did you guys see that Akimbo Clintshot game winner?

MikeHoncho: ClintShotTED
by [USSR]Matt MK94 April 24, 2010

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