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A strong painkiller and synthetic opoid (meaning it acts on the opiate receptor). Often used recreationally by those lucky enough to acquire it. There are reports that a standard medicinal dose of 100-200mg provides a gentle mood increase and relaxed high. I personally have never found this quantity particularly effective but doses of over 500mg, often combined with huge doses of caffeine, have provided some of the best moments of the year so far. At these much higher dosages (400mg+), the high is unmistakable; characterised by a huge mood increase, hyperactivity, increased enjoyment of music and the urge to run around pretending to be an aeroplane (literally). The high (at all doses) is stated to vary between about 6 and 12 hours. The larger doses tend (without guarantee) to last longer but obviously this is quite a long high by all means.

When combined with a decent caffeine kick, you can reach a point at which you're shaking hard and constantly all over, you can't stand still or sit down, time seems to slow down in places and your inhibitions are all but gone. This is as tempting to some as it is off-putting to others. All I can say is that from personal experience it feels good, man.
Elliott: I just made some more tramadol tea yo. Man, that shit's good.

Elliott: Gonna rail 10 tramadols and get wasted, who's in?
by [TPx]E! November 23, 2009

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