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Sex-Lax is when a man/woman's significant other takes ex-lax and then is given anal.
"nig my wife told me to give her some Sex-Lax last night!"
by [CnR]ITP May 22, 2009
A regular player on the samp server Crazybobs Cops N Robbers, who is sexually attracted to InfectToProtect his favorite sex slave.
"man that Cloudizme is one crazy nig."
by [CnR]ITP May 23, 2009
A regular player on the samp server CrazyBobs Cops N Robbers, his name was originally coined by the Lysol commercial's slogan "disinfect to protect". his favorite activity's include,fishing,trucking,raping,growing drugs,and hanging out with cloudizme
"InfectToProtect is my nig"
by [CnR]ITP May 23, 2009

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