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Many thing HC has to do with being Emo but its not.. They just have the same style..

a Hardcore kid is classified as any person that listens to the Hardcore, Post Hardcore and Grindcore genres in particular...

an HxC kids style...

Normally Tight Fitting Band T's
Girl Jeans
A Bandanna
Big Hair
Differant Color Hair
Chuck Taylor converse or Slip on Vans
However there are still tons of hardcore kids that dont follow that trend... Like me for example..
Hardcore music is defined by... A Screaming genre of punk were there are severe tempo changes, screaming, drop D tuned guitars, drop C tuned guitars, Amazing drumming normally suggested by there amazing double bass and dirty cords galore from the guitars...

some good examples of hxc bands are...

Norma Jean
Black Dalhia Murder more metalcore then hardcore
As I Lay Dying
Sinking Ships
Agnostic Front
Sick of it All
Ion Dissonance more grindcore

those are just a few examples...

Now on to HxC Dancing..

Hardcore dancing is in some styles just idiots hitting the air, but some styles of hardcore dance are very unique here in Indiana the hardcore dancing scene does way more technical moves than just punching and kicking the air, We do things called... Chicken Wings, Doublefront, Fourlegged and tons of other creative moves however some people are in the misconception that Hardcore dancing was designed to be completely unrevalent to Hardcore music... THIS IS WRONG, Almost any good HxC dancer is on beat just like normal dancing...

- That ends my definetion of Hardcore...
Hardcore Kid 1 Wearing a Polo : Holy shit that was fucking crazy did you hear that drummers double bass...
Hardcore Kid 2 wearing band T : Fuck yes...
Hardcore Kid 3 wearing no shirt : Check out me throwing it down with these sick moves.. * pulls a chicken wing into a Pick up pennies then throws in a double front*...
Hardcore Kid 2 : DAMMMMN
Hardcore Kid 1 Wearing a polo : Im still a hardcore kid and we are hardcore kids because im wearing a polo!
by [ £nigMa ] December 21, 2006

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