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a townie is a basic fuckwit, the girls are suts who would fuck thier own brother for drug money they are often seen in full "nike" shell suite or other similar brands which are obvious cheap rip offs from the local market they ty to be trends but real trends don't seem to hate people this is how you can spot a townie. the maximum spant on all clothe and fake gold plus nasty smelling cheap colgne is about £15 twnies are jus pussys wearing fake clothes trying to be hard
"oi you greebo, he eh fucki greebo i knock you out"
"come on then you can bring all 25 of your drop out frends a bus going to the placebo concerts around the corner bring it u little pussys in ur cheap rip off wear"
"yeah knock you out man, nah u not worth it, me gonna go fuck my 12yr old sister now"
by @siangeez February 12, 2004

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