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Standing up for The Used:
1) the used are not satanic
2) they do not expose themselves at concerts
3) they dont ahve naked women runnign round on stage
4) Quinn Allman is gorgeous
5) you think they suck? just because theyre not the music YOU listen to doesnt mean they suck
6) im not emo. but emos dont jsut live to cut.
7) quinn is an amazing guitarist.
8) is you download some of ther music without the vocals. and actually LISTEN to the music. you can see how amazing ther musical skills really are.
9) they are not drug addicts. bert mccracken once was. but after dating kelly osborne and seeing how screwed up she was. he stopped
10) bert mccracken doesnt only scream. he sings. he has a beautiful voice that he can turn hard core at times but in more gentle songs his voice is awesome.

ps. if you say he cant sing and the used suck...not only do you fuck your grandma..but id like you to get up and try to get a sound that sounds like the used. cuz its impossible. the used are like no other
quinn allman is gorgeous.
bert mccracken is awesome.
jeph is sweet.
brandon is a badass.

and anti-theused's eat shit

the used is all together fucking amazing
by ?.>taste of ink<.? August 16, 2006
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