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something that ruins friendships
BITCH! im not on your top 8!?!?! WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE
by ?*?*?*? June 24, 2006
a networking website created by Tom Anderson which has made his name household in many parts of the world and brought to us a whole new generation of emos and whores
1-hey i found a new emo on myspace!
2-my whore is better!
by ?*?*?*? June 24, 2006
1-a word that means something in a different language (spanish or french i think)
2-an awesome last name that you can only have if you're cool
1-Hey, who are you?
2-Im a La Honta
1-What does that mean?
2-I don't know
1-Oh well, you're a cool guy, wanna be my new best friend?
2-Sure i guess
by ?*?*?*? November 11, 2005

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