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A dumb ass word made up by a dumb ass president.
Freedom Fries? What the fuck?
by ??? May 15, 2003
A person that displays the following physical and mental characteristics: permed hockey mullet, wears pop bottle glasses, trailer park style white trash, old bag, pedafile, teaches her little kid to play grab ass, looks like a squirrel and tries to get nuts, always shares her sex life or lack of sex life, its been said that love is a bag away, well for the squirrel master it is more like love is a body bag away.
Cindy at the coffee pot is the squirrel master.
by ??? April 22, 2003
Rootable Mother. An attractive Mother.
Your Mother is a RM.
by ??? May 04, 2004
To have sex in a vicious or any angry manner.
Jake was googing with his girlfriend on the bed at 12.
by ??? March 28, 2005
sum 1 buff
by ??? August 13, 2003
it's a nick name for a man with a girls name!!
Ashley is a dobber!!!
by ??? April 08, 2004
the hottest girl in the world
by ??? August 25, 2003

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