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Meanwood, the most boring place in Leeds, it should be another word for boredom, it has nothing apart from a Netto supermarket and a few other shops. Rows of middle class houses after each other…boring…yawn.

Surprisingly, it’s also home of one of the most popular 5-a-side football teams…Meanwood Men F.C. who play in the Goals Mens league. They were previously 5 times winners of the Goals Youth League and have now made the step up. Meanwood Men are known to have a bad disciplinary record, I should know…I’ve sent a few of them off.
Another player is sent off from Meanwood.
by ??? April 06, 2005
29 10
One who seduces woman through emails, notes, and instant messaging.
A person who spends a great deal of time in search for a date online,
he has no game and must depend on the internet to get his.
Lacks confidence to approach girls in the real world and thus uses the internet to boost his ego.
Sean Parry has used CollegiateCircuit.com to become one of the most well known/ skilled online pimps in the west coast.
by ??? October 23, 2004
27 12
1. A disease that some humans contract. The few of them are breast, prostate or lung cancer.

2. Astrological sign for those born between June 21- July 23.
1. Billy's mother told him to stop smoking but being the usual stubborn bastard he is, he would not listen to her. Years later, he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

2. Us Cancer people is known to be very intuitive.
by ??? June 12, 2003
41 26
long hard and filled with alot of semen
Amanda sucked my cock last night while i was eating rice.
by ??? November 16, 2003
90 77
An idiot who tries to act smart.
George Bush is such a dick-wad!
by ??? May 07, 2005
16 7
Oriniginated in the streets of Washington, DC. Usually used as an adverb, verb, and adjective. To excite or or invigorate.
(Most often with the suffix 'ed'.
Joe was just hired by Pizza Hut, he's psyced. OR The honey is cute, watch me psyce her up and get her number.
by ??? April 25, 2003
22 16
a magical yellow fairy
The guy punched the honkie shmonkie.
by ??? July 30, 2003
6 2