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5 definitions by ???^_^????

Organizations that are devoted to finding, diclaiming, and pointing out Media Bias where ever it shows up.

There is a large diverse goups of Media Watchdogs Groups.
On The political Left. Here are just a few Organizations.

Media Matters
FAIR (a.k.a) Fairness Accuracy In Reporting

On the Political Right
Air (a.k.a) Accuracy In Reporting
Fox News, CNN and other media groups continuously being accussed of political Bias by Media Watchdog Groups.
by ???^_^???? October 06, 2006
Google Effect - When a Politician is proven by the Internet to be a LIAR within 15 seconds of when he lies on a 30 second TV sound bite.

The Google Effect is feared by all polititions because it gives people of the oppisite view the chance to disprove the of other sides claim.

The Google Effect impowers Media Watch Dog Groups on both sides of the political spectrum Especially since it improves their chances of getting their dissenting views read by other people.
Despite the best Efforts by the Federal Branch to cover up their domestic spying program they failed due to the Google Effect.
by ???^_^???? October 06, 2006
What people with no locigal counter argument often accuse people of.
What has replaced Red Baiting since the Berlin Wall fell.

A Political Sucker Punch that some conservatives used to attack and Liberals without offering any proof of the countrary.
political correctness is the slackers way to attack or discredit someone's opinion. If you are accused of political Correctness, there is a good chance that the Accuser has no lagitimit counter arguement
by ???^_^???? September 24, 2007
A stereotype that was created for the sole purpose of falsely depicting anime fans being outcasts.
The Anime Fan laughed at the fool of a classmate that called him a Anime Kid
by ???^_^???? October 03, 2006
a derogatory word to describe Anime Fans.
Anime Fag is nothing more then a Social Sterotypes
If you are going to call me a Anime Fag you might as well say that to everone else in the room
by ???^_^???? October 03, 2006