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Conservatives who belive that government should reflect their views and no one elses. They tend to behind the attack on cultural pluralism.
A term that is mostly attached to Conservatives who are on the Far Right.
"Because of Callous Conservatism money that would gone to releaving the poor and improving education went to tax cuts for the rich" cried the the angry man at Town Meeting.
by ????^_^???? September 29, 2006
When a politcal organization or it's supporters do faulty misleading reasearch and then present it to the public as a fact.
Nowadays Coporations who wish to discredit solid scientific reasearch that might hurt their profits will employ this tactic.
Pesudo facts involve Cherry-picking edvidence, and creating rigged experiments that can confuse or mislead people.
Corporations that see the recognition of Golbal Warming as a threat to their company's profits will employ pseudo facts to confus the public
by ????^_^???? October 25, 2006
A Gundam Referance
A philosophical belief that Earth is sacred and mankind must leave it and live in space. This philosophical theroy is part of a larger theroy known as Contolism.
The philosophy was developed by philosopher turned policitican Zeon Zum Deikun.
Er-ism would have a long standing effect on the Earth-Sphere.
by ????^_^???? June 21, 2007
The belief that you can pull yourself out of any situation by yourself. Coservative Idiology bases some of it's beliefes on this idea.
Today our Political Science Professor taught us about the Bootstrap Ideology.
by ????^_^???? December 02, 2006
An Anti-child Legistlation that seeks to undermine public schools by slashing their funding. This idea came in responce at the failed attempt by the Far-Right to replace schools with voucher programs.
65% Solution will undermine our childrens education and allow us to fall further behind" Bob said in front of the school commitee.
by ????^_^???? November 04, 2006
A person who supports making abortian illegal, but supports others methods of terminating life.
Ex. War, Death penalty,

Anti-choice is the proper word.
The Republican Party is full of pseudo pro-life supporters.
by ????^_^???? October 29, 2006
A Neo Con who claims to be dedicated to preventing wastfull budget spending, but only ends up increasing the Nation debt. They also tend to like cutting social programs for the poor,give the Rich a free ride. Support of Plutocracy.
I wish I never voted for Bush, he only ended up being a Deficon.
by ????^_^???? October 08, 2006

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