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Hate Crime: defined by federal or state statutes.
A hate crime occurs when a person commits an act such as assault, battery, criminal damage to property, criminal trespass to property or mob action because of the victim's real or perceived race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Hate crime laws vary from state to state.

"I hope that was found guilty of committing a Hate Crime rots in jail" said Bob.
#conservative #ultra conservative #hate monger #anti-american #religious right #religious reich #wingnut #bilble thunper #un-american
by ????^_^??? October 02, 2007
1.Another misleading and baseless descrition of liberals. Stereotypes like these are promoted through Neo Con think tanks, and right wing talk radio.

2.Another word that was create by the Conservative Hate Culture
Bob laughed at the lack of logic behind the term Liberalismo.

#neo con #un american #radcon #hatemonger #sterotype #wingut
by ????^_^??? October 12, 2006
Students for Academic Freedom.
A Far-Right Wing organization that's goal is to disrupt Academic Neutrality.
This organization using a combination of of half truths and lies demonize College Professors who's research doesn't fit with the organizations point of view.
Their funding comes solely from Conservatives Organizations that wish to Influence young adults minds.
SFAF have come to the aid of Conservative Students that have committed acts of racism.
#bias #anti-academic freedom #horowitz #far-right #radcon
by ????^_^??? August 23, 2007
A joke from Ask A Ninja.

a Foundation were ninjas donate a kill to a kid who is dying and wants to take someone with them
My best friend and fellow Ninja Bob (not his real name)
said he couldn't go and help teach Silent Killing class because she was voluntering at the Make A Death Foundation
#ask a ninja #ninja #youtube #samurai #neu tickles #fad
by ????^_^??? October 14, 2006
Another Hate word Created by the Conservative Culture of Hate.

This word is commonly used to promote prejudice or discrimination against liberals.
David yelled "Liberal Scum" when he say the Pro-Equality demonstrators walk by.
#facist #ant-american #hate-speech #prejudice #discrimation
by ????^_^??? August 23, 2007
Another Stereotype created by the Far-Right to promote Prejudice against liberals.
Bob ignored the people who called him a limousine liberal. He knew that they were just being prejudiced
#prejudice #slander #smear attack #immoral #indecent
by ????^_^??? August 25, 2007
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