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Predominately Spanish and German people, that often hang out together and tend to say, write etc. the same things at the same time.
Thus, Copilots often get on the nerves of their surrounding, and slowly they segregate from mankind because more and more people judge them as stinking nerds.
Additionally, Copilots are often frustrated 'cause they will never be able to be the real pilot of an aeroplane, as no flight company would employ two copilots at once.
"Hey, look at Clara"
"Don't pay attention to her. She's a Copilot"

"Do you think that Finnegan is in love with Clara?"
"No - they're just some freaky Copilots
by >thenest< December 30, 2011
"Copilots" are often defined as predominately Spanish (even Catalonian) and German teens of different sexes that often hang out together.

Due to the humongous amount of time they spend together, they tend to use the same phrases at the same time. Thus, other persons that get in contact with "Copilots" mostly get irritated and feel rejected because of their parrallel speakings.

In fact, a pair of "Copilots" may seem harmless at first, but through their segregation from the society they act in the undergroundand may form a cell that is difficult to be observed.
C.: "Oh, I'm Catalonian."
F.: "Oh, I'm German."
C.: "I'm Female"
F.: "I'm ... wait - yeah I'm actually male... I think."
CF.: "Let's be Copilots and make up a parrallel society! Yeah we are so cool and awful!"
by >thenest< December 30, 2011

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