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Stupid way for kids to say as helll...made my New Jersey teens. People from New Jersey say "as hell" like iscell. So teens write it that way
Ugh..bored iscell somebody hit me up!..=/
by =N' January 20, 2010
An phrase to say suck on these nuts

in french the number 79 is ....soixante-dix-neuf.... (Suck on- dhis-nuts)

originated in East Orange,New Jersey

also 79 french these..however you want
Teacher:You kids need to stop being stupid and direspecful
youve got detention!

Kid1:79 french me

Kid2:LOL haha...i cant bileve you just said that
by =N' November 20, 2009

An act of canceling any parties or meetings for 3-4 days because of the awful cramps and pain in your crotch that midol cant help.
Amy:Hey are you still going to the connect party tomorrow

Girl:No...i just started my period today so tomorrow
im perioding...probably for the next 3 days...

Amy :.Why dont u just take some midol your be fine

Girl :MOOD SWING...curses out amy

Amy : Damn i didnt know it was that bad...i hate perioding...
by =N' November 05, 2009
. . Marijuana . weed . bud

Slang word for weed used in New Jersey , U.S.A
Kid 1: You got any khali on you?
Kid 2: Of course like always .
by =N' January 26, 2011
The act of being a country person, may be a little ghetto, usaslly wearing something that makes you go WTF..or oo...kay...=/...
*Kid has on rolled up pants with high socks with leggings*

Javia-You look crunchy as hell!..lol
by =N' January 20, 2010
One of the most stupidest slang terms....used in the case of someone saying something stupid or lame...you reply where they do that at?....its like another way of saying..ur s geek.....or i dnt care..some people just say it to say it..but tis fun to just use to play around with but dnt ever say this in a serious convo....
Dude 1: Ay..where the libary at? i gotta study for this exam..

Dude 2:..*laughs*....man..where they do that at?
by =N' January 16, 2010

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