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The awesomest band on the planet. The band that makes personal experiences int songs. the band that has a really hot bass player. the band that ppl call emo. the band that gets so much shit its fucking crazy. Fall out boy do not suck live. the only sound fucked up because you listen to them on MTV (Ewww) go to a fucking concert. Like them or dont like them because of there music. NOT THERE GENRE. THEY DID HAVE A LIFE BEFORE MTV(EWW AGAIN).

SO WHAT IF YOUVE SEEN PETES PENIS. do you think stars care about that nemore?.
gosh tak e a fucking chill pill.
patrick can sing and play. its called talent.
pete can sing, scream, and play and jump around and off of things if he fucking wants to. He admits if he had pushed himself to practice harder and to use the books he would be a lot better.
andy can fucking play.
joe rocks ass.
liste to fall out boys lyrics for once. eh?
by =D sugar June 12, 2007

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