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A Science School located near Columbus Circle (NYC), its rival is LaGuardia High School. This School is filled with Stoners,Sluts,Douchebags, & theres Fake People All OVER. Everyone follows eachother and wear Hollister,Polo,& A&F because they all want to fit in so desperately, Wouldnt be suprise if 10 people had the same outfit in one class. You can't trust anyone because they spread rumors & are the fakest people.They are posers who pretend to be bi & act dumb because they think its cool... They act all tough but if anyone stands up to them they would runaway The Academics are good but the people are just Horrible...
Guy # 1:Hey are you high?

Guy # 2: Duh i go to Manhattan hunter science High school

Girl: Lets go to the Bathroom ;)

Guy #2: Aren't u pregnant?

Girl : So...?
by =* July 09, 2011

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