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amazingly sexy star from degrassi.
andrea lewis is one lucky girl, she went out with aubrey graham.
by =) November 10, 2004
The Prince of Fallingbrook.
All hail prince Hadi
by =) March 29, 2005
a special class that enrolls under privileged children (both mentally and physically), such as castard; short for special education
Cassie is the president of the special ed class.
by =) February 12, 2003
one hot asian chick! christina sparks
christina pearl sparks
by =) November 27, 2004
a person or thing (or animal or object, etc) who takes the shape of an extremely ugly man who meets the following criteria:
awful sense of humor
talks extremely slow
wears pastel colors
is a shame to the gay community
deserves to die
student: wow arbocus sucks ass
freshman: what's an arbocus?
by =) April 09, 2005
a term one will say when hoping an enemy will recieve a bullet in their FACE.
get shot loser, you don't deserve your life like louis.
by =) September 30, 2003
the translation in AFL terms 1 minute is equal to 38 minutes, therefore 2 minutes is equal to one hour and 16 minutes.
regular translation - we'll be there in 2 minutes

AFL translation - we'll be there in 76 minutes.
by =) February 21, 2003

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