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ace, ad, Amoeba,Angel, Angel dust, Angel hair, Angel mist, Angel Poke, Animal trank, Animal tranquilizer, Aurora borealis, Blue Star, Boat, Bohd, Busy bee, Butt naked, Cadillac, Cigarrode cristal, Clicker(+crack), Cliffhanger, Columbo, Cozmo's, Crazy coke, Crazy Eddie, Crystal, Crystal joint, Cystal pop(+cocaine, Cycline, Cyclones, D, Dipper, Dirge, Do it Jack, Drink, Dummy Dust,Dust joint, Dust of angels, Dusted parsley, Elephant, Elephant tranquilizer, Embalming fluid, Energizer, Erth, Fake STP, Flakes, Fresh, Fuel, Good, Goon, Goon dust, Gorilla tab, Gorilla biscuits, Green leaves, Green tea, Heaven and Hell, Hinkley, Hog, Horse tracks, Horse tranquilizer, Juice, Kaps, K-blast, Killer, Koller joints, Kools, Krystal, Krystal joint, KW, Leaky bolla, Leaky leak, Lemon 714, Lethal weapon, Little ones, Live ones, Log, Madman, Mad dog, Magic, Magic dust, Mean green, Mint leaf, Mint weed, Monkey dust, Monkey tranquilizer, More, New acid, New magic, O.P.P., Octane(+ gasoline, P (there are to many refrences that start with "p" to list), red devil, Rocket fuel, rupture, Scaffle, scoffle, syrnyl, sheets, sherms, skuffle, Stardust, STP, Super, Super Grass, Super joint, Super kools, super weed, synthetic cocaine, Synthetic THT, tic, tic-tac, tish, titch, trank, TT1, TT2, TT3, venom, wack, White horizon, White powder, Wobble weed, woolies, Wooly blunts, worm, Yellow fever, Zombie weed
People use pcp to tranquilize elefants.
by <tom> September 07, 2006
to inhale during an orgasm
Sally shotgun toked during an orgasm.
by <tom> September 07, 2006
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