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The website that I'm very ashamed TVtropes has linked to it. It's made me slightly disappointed in TVTropes...

It defines memes, viral videos, internet terms and all sorts of useful stuff, but you can't read it without being annoyed. (Or, laughing, if you laugh at trolls). For some reason, every article on encyclopedia dramatica always seem to be bashing somebody or something. Encyclopedia dramatica has bashed everything at some point.

Do not go there for a straight definition. If you do want to get an actual definition, squint and read between the lines.

Be careful to what you link to. You click on something that seems innocent, and find a horrifying picture/article that makes your brain break into a hundred pieces, hit itself with a hammer, and light itself up on fire.

They also have massive ads, flash, and other horrible things that you don't want on your computer.
I went to encyclopedia dramatica to read their article on fail and read a bashing on about everybody I know.

I went to encycopedia dramatica to find out about something, clicked on a normal sounding linked, and got mindraped by the picture before me.
by <someone> January 05, 2010

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