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When a guy runs with a boner at full speed to make it in the girl's vagina. If it misses, the guy gets a penile fracture.
Ow! I missed when I tried to Arabian Slingshot my girlfriend, so now i have a cast on my dick!
by <XxMetalMonsterxX> November 10, 2009
The act of using the nail on your thumb that has grown very long as a shank because you don't have a real shanking device.
Peanut: "Hey that asshole over there called us gay."

(Friend walks over there and cusses him out)

Chapulin: "I hear that you were talking shit. Why don't you say that to my face, you pussy ass motherfucker!"

Big L: "What are you talking about? I barely even know you two!"

Chapulin: "Nigga, don't lie to me with your punk-ass self, man, don't make me hobo shank your pussy ass!"
by <XxMetalMonsterxX> December 03, 2009
The act of using your penis while it is erected as a shanking device. This does no real damage.
Steve: "Dude, do you see that hot girl over there?"

Miguel: "Dude, yea!"

Dante: "What are you gonna do, man?"

Steve: "Don't you mean what are YOU gonna do?"

Dante: "I know. I'll homo shank her ass."

Miguel: "Bitch, that's my job!"
by <XxMetalMonsterxX> December 03, 2009
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