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Black People are a race of people with a brown colour to their skin, not all black people are rude, alot of the definitions that i've seen are just from a bunch of redneck trailer-trash people. those who do live and act violent do it for one reason; they had fucked up in there life and theres probably not another chance to turn around,not all black people eat fried chicken, drink grape juice and kool-aid, smell like olive oil, or act all gangster. I'm half black and i dont do any of that, chicken isnt even my favorite food its pork, i dont smell, well i think atleast and i dont drink kool aid or gape juicde, thats a big stereo type, theres not a big difference in our races, lets consider ourselves as dogs or lizards, they have different fur/skin colour (i live in canada thats how we spell color) but they dont treat eachother bad, they get along in life and dont hate, why cant humans just both do the same thing, we all have same functioning systems, we have a nose in the same place, ears same place, 8 fingers, 2 thumbs etc.... i dont see a big difference in that, humans can be completely retarded when it comes to that. its not right to go up to a different coloured race and take them and make them your slaves, im pretty sure other animals dont do that

Black Guy: "what did you call me?"


Black Guy: "Why you hating on me theres not a big difference between us. You just hear some stupid ass stereotypes about black people."
by <3MW2 May 16, 2010

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