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Best state to live in, if not the best place ever. Here are 15 Reasons Why California Kicks Ass.

1. The weather is perfect.
2. There's always something to do.
3. There aren't any freakin small town hicks to bother you.
4. When you go outside, you can breathe, without inhaling tree sap.
5. The ocean is magical in its beauty, and its warm.
6. Hollywood. (must I say more?)
7. Disneyland to entertain little kids.
8. The only state besides Hawaii where if you say "I live in (insert state here)" people actually think its cool.
9. We don't have any freakin volcanoes to be scared of.
10. No life threatening shit in mosquitos.
11. You can get a tan on the beach, and ski on the same day.
12. It has the coolest cities in America. Admit it, Los Angeles pretty much kicks any other city's ass.
13. We can say "cali" and sound cool. You can't nickname any other state and pull it off.
14. Everything is pretty close together. So you don't have to travel for like 4 hours to get to a grocery store.
15. California is the Most Pimpin' State in America. Period.
Me: I live in LA!!
Person: Aww, I live in Kansas.
Me: Jeez, I'm sorry.
Person: Your sooo lucky. California is the pimpinest state ever.
Me: Well DUH!!!!
by <3Cali August 05, 2008

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